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Lost by Choice Motorsports

Dust clouds swirling, engines roaring, hearts beating for change. We're Lost by Choice Motorsports, and we're not just slinging dirt in a 2006 Mustang. We're a rallying cry for mental health awareness, tearing through the scene with a mission bigger than any podium finish.

Suicide prevention isn't just a cause, it's our co-driver. We're passionate about breaking the stigma, one dusty corner at a time. But this isn't just about us. We're building a community of champions, both on and off the stages.

Want to join the crew? We're opening doors for our local heroes, offering places on the team to learn the ropes and feel the thrill of pushing the limits.


We're not just rallying, we're igniting passions and proving that motorsport isn't just about speed, it's about inspiring change.

Finding yourself through Motorsports

Life throws curveballs, we throw wrenches! We're not your average motorsports team. We're a band of misfits and dreamers, united by two things: fierce friendship and a love for tearing up the roads. Sure, we stumble and fumble, just like everyone else. But that's what makes us strong. Because when doubt creeps in, we don't drown in negativity. We grab a wrench, crack open a hood, and turn our struggles into fuel.

Every bolt tightened, every wiring knot untangled, every gear packed with precision - it's a victory. Not just over mechanical demons, but over the darkness that sometimes whispers in our ears. Because with a tribe like ours, even the mundane becomes a rally cry. We lift each other up, share the triumphs and the breakdowns, and prove that true strength lies in facing hardship together, hands greasy and hearts full.

So, buckle up, rally fans! Get ready to get lost with us in a world where friendship conquers fear, laughter silences doubt, and every mile brings us closer to a finish line that's not just about checkered flags, but about building a community fueled by grit, grace, and gasoline.

Let's Get Lost Together!


SCCA: New England Region Gravel Goblins RallySprint

Date: October 23, 2022

 3rd in 2WD

SCCA: Susquehanna RallySprint #4

Date: Nov 5, 2022

1st in 2WD

NASA Rally Sport: Sandblast Rally

Date: March 4, 2023

3rd in Open 2WD Heavy

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